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What services do you offer?

TollFreeUniverse provides the following services:

1. Toll Free services within USA and Canada. We can forward US and Canadian toll free numbers to your existing phones at a fraction of the price you are paying now.  We can also send Toll Free calls directly to your VoIP Enabled phone system for even less!

2. Expanded Local Presence. We can forward local USA and Canada phone numbers to your existing phones or to your VoIP phone system. This service allows you to attract customers outside of your local area by giving the impression that you are local to them.

3. Global presence. We can provide you with phone numbers in over 50 countries and forward the calls to your existing phones or to your VoIP phone system. Customers in other countries are hesitant to call internationally due to high rates and poor connections. By offering numbers that are local to them, you attract a whole new customer base.  In addition, search engines tend to rank you higher in specific countries if you have local numbers there.

4. VoIP Phone Systems. If you don’t already have one, we can provide you with a full-featured VoIP Phone System with unlimited extensions, auto-attendant, voicemail, call transfer, call waiting, ring groups and more. Our phone systems can scale up to thousands of extensions.

How do I sign up?

There are 3 ways to sign up:

1. Call us at 1-855-TELECOM or 1-732-447-9055. Our trained experts will help put together a package that’s right for you.

2. Click on CONTACT above and fill out the information form. One of our experts will call you or email you to discuss which package is right for you.

3. Click on the Live Chat button to discuss your requirements with a live expert. The expert will help you to decide which package will fit your needs the best.

Do you offer any larger plans?

Yes, we do offer higher plans. Please call us or email us to discuss your exact requirements so we can put a package together for you.

Who is TollFreeUniverse ... can I trust you?

TollFreeUniverse.com is owned and operated by PEC Telecom, a New Jersey based company that was founded in 1984.  PEC Telecom is a pioneer in both telecom systems and services and has over 10,000 installations in over 60 countries throughout the world.

PEC Telecom also operates DIDLive.com which processes over 100 million minutes of toll free and local traffic per month.

Can I have more than one phone number in my account?

Yes, unlike most of our competitors, you can add as many numbers as you need to your account. You can add toll free numbers, local numbers, and international numbers all on one account.  Local numbers, Tier 1 international numbers and toll free numbers are only $5 additional per month.

What happens if I go over my minutes?

You have 3 options:

1. Upgrade to the next plan level to take advantage of the better pricing. We will simply charge you the difference in the plan price.

2. Pay an additional charge per minute (the charge per minute is different for each plan).

3. Stop allowing calls until the next billing cycle.

If you have any question about these options, please feel free to contact us.

Do you offer rollover minutes?

No, we do not presently offer rollover minutes. At the end of your billing cycle, all remaining minutes will expire.

Why are calls to my VoIP Phone system cheaper than to my phone number?

When we send a call to your existing phone number, we actually need to forward that call through the public phone network to your phone. This step costs us money, which makes the plan more expensive.

On the other hand, when you have a VoIP phone system, we can simply send the call directly to your system’s IP address. This direct connection saves us money, which saves you money.

What types of phone numbers do you offer?

Local phone numbers. These are local phone numbers in USA and Canada.  For example, we can provide you with a 213 are code number for Los Angeles and a 305 area code phone number for Miami.

Toll free numbers. These are also called 1-800 numbers. The main advantage of toll free numbers is that they give you a nationwide presence. If you had a local New York number, for example, customers in Texas may feel that you cannot effectively service their area.

International phone numbers. These are numbers that are local within another country.  For example, in France, we can provide you with a Paris number that is local to callers in that region of France. The main advantage of International numbers is that they allow you to attract customers and callers in that country.

Can I forward calls to a different country?

Yes, you can forward calls to almost any country in the world.

Since the rates vary greatly from country to country, please contact us so we can get all the details and put the right package together for you.

Do I need a different plan to have multiple numbers?

You do NOT need to change your plan to add numbers. You can keep your existing Budget, Growth or Professional plan.  The new numbers that you add will all share the minutes in your plan.

Can I get a toll free number for my mobile phone?

Yes, you can get a toll free number for your mobile phone. Simply sign up for one of our plans, and we will forward a toll free number to your cell phone. Customers / callers in USA and Canada will now be able to reach you through your new toll free number.

Which countries do you offer local numbers in?

We offer local numbers in the following countries:

Tier 1 Pricing:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom
United States

Tier 2 Pricing (Varies):

Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
South Africa

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